Let Us Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Healthy

We’ll bring you peace of mind that your site’s safe and secure.

Client sitting at a table with a laptop while discussing website maintenance options with Designing from Scratch Website Studio

Let Us Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Healthy

We’ll bring you peace of mind that your site’s safe and secure.

Website Maintenance

Wait… my site needs routine maintenance? It’s not just done when it launches? 


Just like your vehicle, your website needs routine maintenance to help ensure it is secure, and protects the data of your customers (even if you don’t take credit/debit card info, this security is important!), and it’s running on optimal efficiency. If you don’t take the time to invest in the ongoing maintenance of your car, it’ll break down. The same principle applies to your shiny new website.  

When you partner with Designing from Scratch for your website, you’re automatically set with ongoing maintenance and hosting for one year. After that one year, we can teach you how to maintain your site and move the site to the hosting platform of your choice, or we can continue to maintain your site for an affordable rate.

So many techy words

What is hosting?

Hosting is where your site “lives” in the digital realm. Think of it like a gated community. Where you host your site provides protection and the place where the content of your site (images, blogs, etc.) lives. This is different from the URL, which is the address of your “home.”

We’ve got your back

We Keep Your Website Updated, Optimized, and Secure

Updates & Optimization

  • Regular updates of WordPress plugins and themes
  • Monthly measurements & optimization of loading speed

Security & Protection

  • Daily backups
  • Enhanced security plugins
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Daily automatic security scans
  • Firewall protection

Image & Content Updates 

  • Keep the information on your website updated and accurate (special closings, offers, etc.)
  • Replace images to keep visual content fresh
  • You provide new blogs, and we’ll post them (with featured image) for you

Premium Hosting

  • Business-class web hosting through Site Ground
  • High-performance through the Google Cloud Platform

Website Traffic Analysis

  • Traffic reports help you discover useful data points about your audience:
  • Number of people visiting your site in a month
  • How long each person stays on the site (and why that matters)
  • Where they come from (Google, Facebook, digital ad, etc.)
  • What pages are visited most

Monthly Reports

  • You receive a monthly report including:
  • Website update details
  • PageSpeed Insights Performance

the value is real

What does maintenance and hosting cost?

Can you put a price on peace of mind and what your time is worth? For less than $100 a month, we will make sure your site is always secure, always up-to-date, and always “show ready” for your customers. 

Let us take care of your site’s maintenance and hosting for you, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business, like meeting with your clients.