The Unicorns of Web Design

With our combined skills, we deliver much more than a pretty website!

The Unicorns of Web Design

With our combined skills, we deliver much more than a pretty website!

Alli Bernskoetter


Alli is a bundle of skills all rolled into one cheerful package. Most web developers are great at web development, and a few of them are also skilled at web design. But hardly any of them are also passionate about marketing. It is this tri-force of skills that has earned her the nickname “The Unicorn of Web Development.” And it is this trifecta that, when merged together, helps convert website visitors into customers —ultimately leading to business growth for her clients.

Alli is married to her high school sweetheart Mykl, who is a Senior UI engineer. They have two sweet boys, Mason, 13, who writes poetry and has his own YouTube channel; and Adam, 11, who is on the Autism spectrum and has superpowers of his own. They also have a Corgi mix named Dax and a sweet kitty named Frodo Baggins. Their family loves reading and playing board games together.

Things Alli is good at:

  • Bespoke web design. She is not a fan of templates!
  • Throwing down Dewey Decimal numbers like a boss (she used to be a librarian).
  • All the techy, behind-the-scenes parts of web development that make other people want to pull their hair out. That’s her jam.
  • Singing fake lyrics when she can’t remember the actual words.
  • Finding the best marketing strategists, photographers, and videographers for her clients. She chooses high quality over the cheap prices.

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Our Partners

Sharla Moody

Jane of All Trades Consulting

Talk about a powerhouse! Sharla is so integral to our business that she’s practically my business partner, although she technically runs everything independently as a subcontractor from her own business, Jane of All Trades Consulting.

As our marketing strategist, content writer, and SEO specialist, Sharla is a swiss army knife for our clients. She brings over 30 years of marketing experience to the table, offering a wealth of strategy, knowledge, and creative solutions to our clients. She’s a skilled writer and editor, having written and edited for several enterprise brands. During all of these experiences, she earned additional certifications to expand her already rich understanding of SEO strategy.

In addition to being a total boss babe, Sharla is a kindhearted, hilarious delight. Sharla can be your business’s marketing and content BFF.

Things Sharla’s good at:

  • Marketing strategy, include email marketing strategy
  • Whisperer of dogs and horses everywhere
  • Content writing and editing
  • Picking out the best teas and coffees to share with friends and colleagues
  • Search engine optimization and strategy

Lori Johnson

Elle j photography

Lori Johnson is our go-to photographer for many of our clients’ projects. She’s incredibly talented and impressively versatile. She understands how to capture photography that elevates ho-hum websites to stunning websites and how to capture your brand personality in stills and bring them to life — neither of which are typical skills of your average photographer. These skills plus her editing prowess packs a punch.

She’s photographed everything from people to products to cows. Yes — she’s made cows look gorgeous!

Lori will make your photography session fun and painless as she guides you through the process. And you’ll love the results.

Justin Cardoza

Digital Panda

Justin Cardoza is the most talented videographer that we know in the Springfield area. With a background in film, TV commercials, and visual production, he brings his impressive skillset and high quality equipment to use for local businesses who want to stand out from the crowd. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with him as he creates Hollywood-worthy branding videos for our All-In Package clients.

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